PT. Berkah Cipta Persada is a private company with strategic location in industrial park at central Cikarang Bekasi West Java. We are four big of panel builders in Indonesia and we are the only company with 100% local ownership in Indonesia. Our products are electrical equipment such as MV Switchgear & MCC, LV Switchgear & MCC, Distribution Panel, Control & Relay Panel, Generator Circuit Breaker, Generator Control System, Busduct (NSPB, SPB, IPB, CAST RESIN, SANDWICH), MV Inverter & Soft Starter, Neutral Grounding Resistor, Retrofit & Retrofill, Service and Maintenance. We are able to produce custom sheet metal fabrication like as E-House, PCR, Portacamp, Containerized, Building Descoration, Control Desk, Cabinet Rack 19’’, Cable tray, Metal Kiosk. And we are able to do electrical integration from installation until commissioning finish.

PT. Berkah Cipta Persada has quality management certification (ISO 9001: 2015), HSE certificates (SMK 3) and Local Content Certificate (TKDN). Our products are already past test by third party with type test certificate. Currently we are authorized business partner and manufactures license from EATON and LSIS. And we are already got support by Rockwell Automation, Cressall, Kacon, Pilot, Ritz, PNC Tech, Woodward, Enerlux. That they are world wide company class.

- Factory area footage of facility : 2200 M2
- Warehouse area  : 2000 M2
- Sheet Metal area : 2000 M2
- Number of Employees : 150 people
- Business organization : Privately held

One Vision

To be the most admired company in our markets

Our Slogan is Better – Competitive - Passion

Better for Quality
Competitive for Price
Passion for Exellence

Vision Measured by

Customers say    :    “We want to do more business with BCP.
Shareholders say    :    “BCP is one of my best investments.
Employees say    :    “I am proud to be part of the BCP team.


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