Modular Type - Air Insulated Switchgear up to 24kV

Modular Type - Air Insulated Switchgear up to 24kV

• Type testing is complete for all models according to latest standard, IEC62271-200
• Internal arc proofed 21kA / 1s
• Earthing of both the whole switchboard structure and the metal division between the compartments
• Mechanical interlocks which assure the exact operation sequence
• Protection Classes: PI (insulating partition)
• Loss of service continuity classes: LSC2A (LSC1 for bus riser)
• IP3X protection degree on the external housing
• High voltage indication system in each cubicle

• Reduced dimensions and weights
• Less space requirement for switchboard installation
• Easy integration in factory-built outdoor substations
• A solution adapted to cable connection
• Modular units containing fixed and withdrawable metal-enclosed switchgear, using vacuum

•Simplified switchboard busbar design
•Mimic diagram front of the switchboard by means of simple and functional devices

•Secondary electricity distribution networks
•MV/LV distribution transformer substations
•Manufacturing industry
•Shopping malls
•Airports, hospitals, holiday village
•Small size power plants
•Wind Power plants

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